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Hi there! I’m Tsam (Sam but with an extra, silent letter because I’m awkward like that).

I’m a primary teacher turned children’s bookseller, so reading has always had a big role in my life professionally, but it’s also my go to for relaxation and escaping. You can often tell if I’m stressed about something because I’ll just take myself off and find a nook to sit in with a book. Hey, that rhymes!

Important information to note: I’m a nerd. A huge one. I love Star Wars, I love video games, I’m slightly Disney obsessed. OK, not slightly. Whenever I like something, I go all in. Books are one of the things I love more than anything in this worlds (except maybe my dog and my husband), so I’m slightly surprised its taken me this long to start doing something with them rather than just reading them and then sitting stroking my beard and pining for more. I do that a lot. Hopefully, this will all come across on this site, where I’ll review, get excited for, and fangirl about some of my favourite books, my nerdy obsessions, my adventures in journalling, and anything else that I think shows of “me.”

This will be mostly about Middle Grade (MG) and Young Adult (YA) books, because they’re what I love to read and I think that they’re so underrated! If you think they’re lesser because they’re not written for adults, then I’m sorry but you’re missing out and, when you realise this, you can find me having tea with Nobody Owens and Mr Penguin. However, occaisionally you might find something here that was actually written for a grown up. Shocking, right?

Anyway, if you want to talk about anything you see on here, then be sure to say hi on my twitter or instagram, or just drop me a line on the contact page!

Tsam x

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