#SixForSunday – Good Role Models

What is up my lovely book nerds. You’re looking wonderful today. I really love what you’ve done with your hair, it really suits you.

It’s time for another #SixForSunday, my first for a while since I fell off the wagon, but I really love this one, it’s characters who are good role models. Lets do this!

Jonathon – The Strangeworlds Travel Agency

Jonathon knows himself inside out and I think he’s just brilliant. Friendly, funny, has his heart in the right place, respectful of other cultures and customer (super important at all times but especially when travelling) and an incredibly snappy dresser. We should all try and be more like Mr Mercator.

Jack – Jack of Hearts (And Other Parts)

Jack knows EXACTLY who he is and what he’s about. I love him to bits, and wish I’d had his level of confidence and known my own worth the way he does when I was 17. Plus, in a world that still is fixated on slut shaming and homophobia (hopefully it will grow out of it soon), Jack is super sex positive and so openly gay that you can’t help but feel a bit more proud.

Lyra – His Dark Materials/The Book of Dust

I think Lyra is such an interesting character, and probably someone who isn’t necessarily a good role model in the traditional sense of the word, but she deserves a spot on this list because of her brains and flexibility. There is almost never a situation that Lyra finds herself in where she’s out of her depth, and even if she is, she has the street smarts and book smarts to get herself out of it. She knows her own mind and when she commits to something, she always follows through.

Saphira – Eragon

Yes, this is a dragon, but that doesn’t mean anything, stop being so speciesist! Saphira is a constant, steady presence, despite being a literal newborn. Loyalty is the main thing I think you can learn from Saphira, and the best kind too: this loyalty is the “yeah I’ll stick with you and always have your back but I will 100% tell you you’re being a dick when you need it” kind. She is a QUEEN!

Morrigan Crow – Nevermoor

Morrigan is brilliant. She has moments of self doubt, moments where she’s convinced nothing is going to go right, and she still always manages to face the adversity head on and get through it. Resilience is probably Morrigan’s middle name, and I guess that comes from a. lifetime of thinking she’s cursed, but still, it’s admirable.

Ed – The Paper & Hearts Society

I love Ed so so much. He is a sweet cinnamon roll of a human, and I’m going to tell you why he should be someone you emulate. He is relentlessly upbeat, but knows when to step back and let you be sad; he is so observant and pays attention to what his friends need; he is super cute; he has an excellent cat who he loves; he isn’t afraid to hug his friends and tell them that he loves them; he is still learning about himself and knows that things are going to change and he’s ok to just roll with things. Honestly, he is a God-tier cutie and you should all love him too.

So, there are my six role model-able characters for this week. What do you think? Do you agree with any of my pics? Do you think I should have picked other characters? Let me know in the comments or on twitter, and I’ll see you in the next post!

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