#SixForSunday – Couple of LGBTQties

(Note – this is going up late because I’m a literal trash person who forgot to schedule it for Sunday morning and was at work trying to disinfect people/computers/books all day.)

What is up my lovely book nerds, it’s another Sunday and we’re continuing with the LGBTQ+ love, so lets do this! This week, it’s favourite couples, and I’m going to try not to be too predicatable here (but lets face it, y’all already know who at least two of the couples on the list are going to be sooooo…)

Nick & Charlie – Heartstopper

Let’s not act surprised, it is a well known fact that these boys are my sweet children and I love them dearly. I refuse to apologise for this. Nick and Charlie are the perfect couple to me because neither one of them tries to change the other one, they’ve always got each others backs, and they’re just so darn cute! ALSO, they have NO issue ripping the shit out of each other every now and then, and that’s what a good relationship is all about.

Dannyl & Tayend – The Magician’s Guild

This was probably one of the first gay couples I came across when I wasn’t reading a YA book. I remember getting the feeling from them and thinking “no… no… there won’t be gays in this… will there?” because I was so used to there being no representation in anything apart from YA, and even then, it was minimal (not like now. You youngsters have it so much better and it makes me SO happy!) I love How Dannyl and Tayend’s relationship develops, and how Dannyl works through years of repressing himself to get to a supportive, loving relationship where he feels safe.

Ari & Hector – Bloom

So this is a very new one, but I love these two. I want good things for them. I want happiness and muffins and a puppy and good music and just everything. Bloom is rapidly becoming one of my favourite graphic novels – the art style is so beautiful – and it just makes me so happy. I need more. I need so much more. Plus, who doesn’t love a graphic novel about bread?! There’s just so much kneading which leads to big arms and I’m a sucker for nice arms!

Tara & Darcy – Heartstopper

I love these two. Just everything about them. I was thinking about why and I believe it’s because they feel like the lesbian version of me and my husband. I’m Darcy, because high energy, wants to do ALL THE THINGS, sometimes makes questionable choices, and gives everything stupid nicknames; he’s Tara because he’s way more chill, mostly just rolls his eyes at me and says “yes dear”, but always has my back and looks after me. These girls are just the cutest and I want them to have a lovely life together.

Ollie & Will – Only Mostly Devastated

Aaaaah these sweet boys. I love their whole story, the summer romance, the supporting each other, the sweaty post-basketball game hugs. It’s also great that they aren’t just plain sailing, perfectly happy all the time. There’s a lot of things that need unpacking throughout the book, and they don’t always act like the best humans, but thats what makes them feel more real and relatable.

Bitty & Jack – Check Please!

This is another new one. Like, really new. I literally read this today and had to change my list. I really love Jack and Bitty together, even if they technically aren’t together until the last page of Book 1 and even then it’s a very VERY tentative together, but I shipped them the entire time and I was SO glad when it happened. They’re also an archetypal pairing that I think is so hot (built rugged jock with pocket-sized twink) so that’s a bonus…

So there we have it, six of my favourite LGBTQ+ couples. There are loads more, so feel free to hit me up if you want some recommendations for adorable couples with excellent stories! Who’s your favourite LGBTQ+ couple? Let me know in the comments or on twitter, and I’ll see you next time!

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