#SixForSunday – My Gay BAEs

What is up my book nerds, it’s Sunday which means it’s #SixForSunday time! I have my coffee, I have a pack of bourbons, I have my dog curled up in my lap whilst my husband snores in bed still, lets do this! This week, the prompt from the lovely Steph is favourite LGBTQ+ characters, and I have many to pick from, so here we go!

Dannyl – The Magicians Guild

Dannyl was probably one of my favourite characters in the Black Magician trilogy by Trudi Canavan. He spends most of the first book struggling with his sexuality, only becoming comfortable with it through the help of his friend (and future lover/boyfriend) Tayend. The relationship between them develops so naturally, with Dannyl using the friendship to process the bullying that he suffered while he was training as an apprentice. Even though its set in a super fantasy world with magic, his story is really relatable, and I think that makes it even more important.

Jonathon Mercator – The Strangeworlds Travel Agency

Jonathon is an absolute babe. He’s struggled through a lot as the story develops and continues, but I love how he never gives up and forges onwards, doing what he thinks he needs to to protect the magical worlds that are linked by the suitcases. The fact that he’s Trans is purely coincidental, but he’s an excellent role model for how things get better and that who you are is valid.

Simon Snow – Carry On

I have a bit of a weak spot for rebellious nerds, and I think Simon Snow covers that perfectly. I don’t think he ever puts a label on his sexuality, and he doesn’t need to, but I love him and his journey. Plus, I don’t care what your sexuality is, if Baz gave you the chance to kiss him, you’d take it.

Darcy – Heartstopper

I know what you’re all thinking. “Tsam, why haven’t you picked Charlie or Nick? You’re always going on about them!” Well, I do love them, but I think Darcy is just so brilliant, and funny, and enthusiastic about EVERYTHING that she deserves some love. Plus, lets be fair, I could easily have had all six of my pics be from Heartstopper, so the fact I’m only picking one is a miracle in itself and shouldn’t be questioned.

Edmund – The Shell House

I read this book when I was about 13 and I’m pretty sure it came at about the same time as my realising I was gay (triggered by Josh Hartnett in Pearl Harbour – what an absolute BABE), and what hit me most was Edmund’s story oh dealing with being gay during the First World War. It emotionally destroyed me then, and I’m sure rereading it now would do exactly the same thing.

Olivia – The Paper and Hearts Society

I admire Olivia so much as a person. She’s not afraid to fight for what she believes in, or for her friends. I love how she spends time figuring out who she is and doesn’t try to force it, even when she feels like she should have all the answers, she still lets herself work things out on her own time. Demi rep is so rare as well that it’s brilliant to see it!

So there we go! Those are six of my favourite LGBTQ+ characters. I could go on and on and on but I’ll leave it there. Are there any you think should be on the list? Let me know in the comments or on twitter, and I’ll see you next time!

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