#SixForSunday – LGBTQ+ Book Recommendations

What’s this?! I’ve actually made a a blog post?! Escandalo!

In all seriousness, I’ve not been feeling the most inspired to write anything recently. There’s a lot of terrible things in the world and I’ve not been coping the best. But, I’ve decided that I need to put on my big boy pants and do something, because otherwise I’ll just end up a sad blob of goop in the corner being eaten by his dog.

And with that, I’m back, and I’m taking the delightful Steph‘s prompt of Pride Month excellence for Six LGBTQ+ recommendations! And, at the end of this, there’ll be a list of LGBTQ+ resources and charities in case you or someone you know might need them.

And, with that, it’s on to the books!

To Night Owl From Dogfish – Holly Goldberg Sloan & Meg Wolitzer

I think this is one of my favourite MG books of recent years. It follows two girls who find out that their dads are now a couple and going on a summer road trip, so the girls end up sent to the same summer camp and told to be friends because they’re going to be sisters! Told entirely through emails between the girls and their families, this is so great at showing family dynamics in LGBTQ+ couples are exactly the same bundle of confusion, love, and weirdness as their heterosexual counterparts.

The Strangeworld Travel Agency – L D Lapinski

Hey, do you want a really cool, magical adventure involving suitcases that are portals to other worlds, thieves of magic, and a dying city, that feature awesome characters (including a very dapperly dressed trans lead who deserves good things because he’s lovely) and lots of tea? Well boy howdy does this fit the bill exactly! I love love LOVE Strangeworlds, and the iconic enby author L D Lapinsky, and you need to read it! (also, book two is out soonish and I need it so badly)

Heartstopper – Alice Oseman

At this point, its safe to assume that if I make a list about books I love and Heartstopper isn’t on it, then I’ve been replaced by a robot and you should call someone for help. Honestly, any of Alice’s books could be on here, because she does LGBTQ+ representation so darn well, but Heartstopper will always be my greatest love. just, the accuracy of the representation is EVERYTHING. Maybe because it’s familiar is why I love it so much, but I truly think there’s something for everyone, whether you’re a member of the community or an ally, or even just someone wanting to educate yourself more.

Only Mostly Devastated – Sophie Gonzalez

If you’ve read my review of this, you’ll know how much I loved this queer retelling of Grease. With a lot of shit going on right now, I think we need some lighthearted gay shenanigans as a salve for our souls, and Only Mostly Devastated does exactly that. There was bonus nostalgia for me because of the setting, but even without it, this is such a cute, wholesome, emotionally destructive yet uplifting book, and it’s the perfect Pride Month read.

Camp – L C Rosen

This one took a bit of thinking, because I think both Camp and Jack of Hearts (And Other Parts) are both brillient, important, sex positive LGBTQ+ books, but Camp won out because I think it has a slightly more important message: don’t change yourself for anyone because you think it will make them like you more. Be yourself and love yourself and if they don’t like you then that’s there loss. Also, lube is important. No, really, that’s a message from the book that is very important and should not be ignored. Take it from me.

(PS – I have a review of this written and it’ll be out soon!)

The Paper & Hearts Society: Read With Pride – Lucy Powrie

I kind of love Lucy Powrie’s series about a group of friends brought together by books. I love even more the second, newest book Read With Pride, because not only does it have a ton of representation and support for a new group of friends, talks about how you don’t have to have a name or label for what you feel/who you’re attracted to, and shows how we older queer people should look after and support the youngsters (gosh I feel old) but that we should also be fighting injustice, bigotry, and intolerance wherever it pops up.

And there we go! There’s my Six LGBTQ+ book recs, although I could have gone on and on with these! Six hardly feels like enough. If you do want anymore, drop me a message below or on twitter and I’ll do my best to help! As promised, here are a couple of LGBTQ+ resources that might be useful to you or someone you know

LGBT Health and Wellbeing – General help and advice for LGBTQ+ people
The Be You Project – Advice for young people (or anyone)
Stonewall – LGBTQ+ history and help, one of the biggest charities in the UK
LGBT History Month – Lessons about where the LGBTQ+ community came from and what it took for us to get our current rights.
Mermaids – Gender and identity advice for young people and families.

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