My Un-Believathon-able TBR

What is up my little book nerds, I am back with a Believathon update. Not an official one, I mean. I’m not that influential or powerful, BUT I am taking part in the Believathon 2: Journey to the Stronghold! In case you missed it, I did a post about it here, but the Belieavthon was set up by Gav, booktuber and bookseller extraordinaire) to celebrate the amazing middle grade books that are released every year!

This one is taking place from May 11th to 24th and is a two week, choose your own adventure-style readathon. The aim is to get from the Poachers Pocket Inn to the Book Keeper’s Stronghold, and save the land from a witch’s curse! Originally, I was going to be on my honeymoon in sunny, magical Disney World, and so unable to take part, but since that’s had to be rearranged, I can take part! Silver linings and all that.

So, without further ado, here’s my TBR and path route for my Journey to the Stronghold!

The Poachers Pocket Inn

So, starting point for everyone is the Poachers Pocket Inn, where the prompt is to read the first book in a series. Nice and easy, so I’m starting with the book it’s from, A Pinch of Magic by Michelle Harrison. I really need to read it properly as I got a bit sidetracked last time I read it, so this is the perfect time!

Baba Yaga’s House

Next up, I’m heading for a visit with Baba Yaga, and a book featuring a family relationship. Again, I’m going for the book that prompted this location, and reading The House With Chicken Legs by Sophie Anderson. I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t read this one, but I’m very excited to because I’ve heard so many good things!

The Deepwoods

Continuing my adventure, I’m diving into The Deepwoods, and reading something published before 2000. That’s so long ago. Two whole decades. Twenty years. WHAT! Anyway, I’m going for The Earthsea Quartet by Ursula K Le Guin. Some think of this as an adult novel, but in my shop, it lives in the middle grade section, so it counts, OK?!

The Brolly Rail

Last stop before the stronghold on my route, and I’m going for a quick jaunt on the Brolly Rail, reading a book that features transport. My choice is Brightstorm, by Vashti Hardy, because I love a good airship adventure with magic and shenanigans.

The Book Keeper’s Stronghold

Finally finished, the final book to read to break the curse is the next book in a series, so I’m going for Moonlocket by Peter Bunzl. I loved Cogheart, and have been meaning to read Moonlocket for ages! Plus, if I read it, I can justify to myself a set of all four with pretty sprayed edges, so it’s an extra incentive!

And there we go! That’s my TBR for the Believathon 2: Journey to the Stronghold! What do you think? Let me know in the comments or on twitter if you’ll be taking part and what path through the Land you’ll be taking!

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