#SixForSunday: Characters I’d Like To Be Like

What is up my little book nerds. It’s another Sunday and, after missing last weeks (because I’d foolishly done the Boyfriends Tag the week before), it’s time for #SixForSunday! This week’s Six is Six Characters I’d Like To Be Like, and I can’t decide if that means physically or personality wise, so it’s going to be a mix of the two. Lets do this!

Po – Graceling I love me some magical abilities, and I think Po is such a fantastic character, despite how he’s treated because of his Grace. He’s smart, resilient, and fearless, and I think I could do with being a little bit more like Po. Plus, who wouldn’t want one gold eye and one silver eye?!

Jack – Jack of Hearts (And Other Parts) Jack is fearless, and unashamedly himself. I love how loyal he is to his friends (whilst being suitable shady at times) and how brilliantly he deals with a system that sometimes feels geared against him. I also love that he has no qualms about talking about sex, which is always fun.

Bryson Keller – Date Me, Bryson Keller Bryson is one of those boy-next-door types who I both hate and love in equal parts. Hate because they’re everything I’m not/wasn’t in school (attractive, sporty, popular) but I love him because he’s such a nice person! Like, how is that even fair? If you’re hot a popular, you’re meant to be a dick, they’re the rules!

Keiko – Convenience Store Woman Do you ever feel like you don’t write know your place in the world? Sometimes I do, and I would love the assuredness that Keiko has. She knows what she’s good at, knows that what she does is important, knows that she is important, and thats enough for her. I think everyone should be a little bit like Keiko sometimes.

Ash – Frostheart I love how adventurous As is, and how determined he is to find what happened to his parents. His dedication and perseverance are definitely qualities I need more of.

Rhysand – A Court of Thorns and Roses He’s smart, powerful (magically and in terms of his position) and he’s hot as f*ck. Who wouldn’t want to be him?! Also, he’s actually nice, once you get past all the snark, so thats a bonus.

So there you have it, my six characters I’d like to be like/be. What do you think? Let me know in the comments or on twitter who you’d like to be more like, and I’ll see you nerds next time. Stay safe!

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