#SixForSunday: You Named Your Kid What?!

Time for another #SixForSunday and this is the first of March’s monthly theme of Characters Ahoy! So, nice easy one, its six characters that I’d name my children after. No pressure (Terry, take note). UPDATE: Writing this one, it is SO MUCH HARDER than I thought it would be! Why would you do this to me Steph?!

Lyra – His Dark Materials I love Lyra, she’s funny and snarky and bold and adventurous and just excellent. I’ve always kind of thought that if I had a daughter, Lyra is totally a name that I think would work, and not be too obvious that it’s from a book.

Rowan – Throne of Glass OK so I really love this series and I love how grim and broody Rowan is. Plus, I’ve often thought of what he’d be like as a little kid and I think he’d be an equal mix of adorable and trouble, which is always fun, but also somehow really broody. I really like the name Rowan, for either a boy or a girl, so this one was an easy, gender-neutral pick.

Rhysand – A Court of Thorns and Roses Hear me out, hear me out. This would work SO WELL because Rhysand abbreviates to Rhys, which is a name that normally isn’t an abbreviation, so no one would ever know that it’s a super nerdy name from a YA novel. Win/Win!

Tryss – The Age of Five Tryss the Siyee was one of my favourite characters from The Age of Five series that Trudi Canavan wrote. I always thought it would be a really cute name for a kid, to me it feels very playful and cheerful, which is all I’d want for my kid. If they can fly, added bonus! Plus, gender neutral!

Percy – Percy Jackson So I think Percy is a super cute name anyway, but it also really works with my surname. Slight issue of the initials being PP, but thats fine…

Freya – Norse Mythology I love names from mythology, and Freya is definitely one of the nicest, in my opinion. I also used to teach a girl called Freya, and she was the sweetest person, so I’m hoping it’s a trait of the name.

So, those are my name picks. What do you think? Really though, this is a moot point, because Terry and I have had our kid’s names picked out since like month two of us dating.

3 thoughts on “#SixForSunday: You Named Your Kid What?!

  1. I really like Rowan and Lyra, but I’m not feeling the love for ‘Percy.’ It just sounds too foppish and snooty for me even though the kid in the ‘Percy Jackson’ series isn’t that way at all. I knew a woman who named one son ‘Jordan’ after Robert Jordan and the other son ‘Cormac’ after Cormac McCarthy. I’m not sure what she was thinking with that last one since Cormac McCarthy’s writing is so violent and distressing. 😛

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