#SixForSunday – Six Favourite Authors To Follow

Whats that I see? A bandwagon? Well, I do love a bandwagon…

In case you didn’t know, the wonderful Steph, book blogging queen of my heart, releases a series of prompts for special Sunday posts, all based on six things, and I just want to be like the cool kids, alright?! This week, the first week I’m taking part, is Six Favourite Authors to Follow.

This list, I have to stress, is in no particular order, but is some of my favourite people to follow online. Some I know, some I’ve been able to chat to either in person or online, and some are here because their posts make me smile. So, without any further ado, the list…

Alice Oseman

Look, don’t even act like you’re shocked about this one, OK? Of course Alice is going to be on this list. Not only is she an excellent artist and author, she’s also a genuinely lovely person, both online and in person. Plus, she wore a pastel rainbow’s worth of suits on tour (I’m taking credit for the initial idea of this, and have the receipts to prove it) and looked cooler than I can ever hope to be, so she’s actual goals.

Laura Steven

Laura should also have been a given. She’s stupidly funny, really kind and sweet in person, and she writes damn good books. Also, the updates on her currently incoming baby make me so warm and fuzzy, it’s not even funny. The fact that she also looks like a freaking movie star is purely coincidental.

Sam Sedgman

Sam is on this list because 1) I’ve just finished “The Highland Falcon Thief” and I’m completely obsessed and need book two immediately, and 2) just look at his face. Like, honestly? Who gave you the right, sir? Plus he’s a geek! I’m sorry what?!

Cheekbones, dimples, train nerdery, that HAIR, and he holds his Hogwarts House dear to him (Ravenclaw, only a slight blemish).

I cannot.

Oh yeah, and I guess his excited tweets are pretty funny and cheerful too…

L. D. Lapinski

So, I’ve followed L. D. for a while, ever since Good Omens was a tiny glimmer of a thing and their love for it was a mighty burning star. I’m now very glad I did because they’re an absolute joy to follow.

Not only do you get regular updates about The Strangeworlds Travel Agency (which is amazing and I’m very very excited for), but also excellent adventure shots, and them being so positive and wholesome and just a Grade A human. If you need cheering, they’re the account to follow.

Kate Weston

Kate is a recent follow for me on my personal account, but she’s been an absolute rock star with the work account for a while. She is utterly disgusting in the best way.

Tour photos, excellent posts about periods, and writer of one of the funniest books that I’ve read in ages, Kate is a good egg and deserves a follow.

PS – I’m really sorry I flashed my nipple at you when you came to visit the store. I promise it wasn’t intentional.

Jamie Littler

I had a slight obsession with Jamie’s debut Frostheart when it came out last year. I have three different editions, and I read it maybe seven times. It was, and still is, one of my favourite books of 2019 and is definitely in my Top 10 books ever.

Jamie’s tweets make me smile a lot, mostly because he’s so excited about life, and that makes me excited too. Plus, that art dude. That ART!

So, there you have it. Six of my favourite people to follow on the twitters. If you want to follow any of them, they’re all tagged on their names. What do you think? Is there anyone I should be following that you’d highly recommend? Bonus points if they have a cute dog. I’m a sucker for a cute dog.

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